frequent questions

How do I order my custom paper goods?
It's actually very simple.  Here's the process broken down:
  1. Send an email to leslie{at}onepounddesign{dot}com with your order.  Please be sure to include a contact phone number with an ideal contact time.  You should receive a reply, via email or phone, within 24-48 hours.
  2. Each custom request requires a design consultation over the phone in order to achieve exactly the design you'd like.
  3. After the design consultation, an invoice will be sent to you. The proof fee amount is due at this time.  No proofs or work will be done until this payment is received.
  4. 2-3 design drafts with various ideas will be sent to you for review.  We will then collaborate with you,  making alterations to these drafts to achieve your desired design.
  5. After the drafts have been finalized, a digital preliminary proof as well as a proof approval form and an final invoice will be sent to you.  Once the proof approval has been signed, the printing of the paper goods will begin.  Half of the total invoiced amount will be due at this time.
  6. Once your order is ready to ship, you will receive an email or phone call letting you know that your order is complete.  It is at this time that the remainder of the total invoice amount is due.
How long will it take to receive my custom paper goods?
All of our custom paper goods take time to design, coordinate, hand-assemble and ship.  
If you have ordered custom stationery, please allow 1-2 weeks from the proof approval to receive.
If you have ordered a custom wedding suite that requires color matching, coordination and assembly, please allow 3-4 weeks from the proof approval to receive.

Can you address and send my wedding invites out for me?
Definitely!  Addressing and sending your invites from our location cuts down on the cost of shipping and can lighten your workload while you're planning your wedding.  For a increased fee, we offer an addressing and shipping option.  

My wedding had to be moved up, can I rush order custom paper goods?
Custom design takes time, and can be full of nuances, such as color matching, vendor options and design development.  For an additional fee we do offer rush design, which is cutting the wait time (post proof approval) from 3 weeks, to 2 weeks .  Unfortunately at this time, we cannot rush your design if you require your invites to be completed in less than 2 weeks post proof approval.

I love something you've done for a previous client.  Can I order it for my paper goods?
The answer is yes but with a catch.  Each custom design comes with a guarantee that the design will not be used by another client for up to 4 months after their order completion date.  Therefore the client knows their design truly is unique, at least for a small period of time. This applies to both exact design orders and tweaked design orders (different typeface and colors, same graphics).  Not sure if its been 4 months?  Just email us and we'll let you know when a design will become available.

I see a something you designed for me used in your promotional material.  Is that okay?
Unless otherwise notified, one pound design reserves the right to use customer's designs for use on our website, promotional material and in other ways we see fit to promote our business. one pound design will change address and/or location information prior to publishing (for event paper goods, the location will be changed if the event has yet to occur by date of publication). First and some last names, dates, pictures and other information will remain the same. If you do not want your design used in promotional advertising, send an email to leslie{at}onepounddesign{dot}com. All printed paper goods will have a reference to one pound design on the back and all digital files on the front, for promotional use.

Are your designs copyrighted?
All images on this website are the property and the copyright of one pound design and may not be reproduced or used in any form, electronic or printed without prior written permission from us. Reproducing copyrighted material is prohibited by law.

Can I modify or reuse a design of yours, even if I have paid you for it?
It is expressly prohibited to modify and reuse a design without written permission from one pound design.

Creative Rights
one pound design retains the rights to all of its designs and they are not intended for free use.