Oh Pretty Baby (shower) Invites

After a long (and cold for so many) winter, the trees are starting to show their green, flowers are finally blooming and the temperatures are moving back up!  It can only mean one thing:  Spring has finally arrived!  It's a season that is synonymous with new beginnings and new life, and what better way to celebrate the joyous appearance of this refreshing season than with an adorable baby shower invitation suite.

A high school friend approached me to create a set of invitations for a shower that she and five others were hosting for a friend who was expecting.  Her request was for something sophisticated and classic, but very feminine and appropriate for a little girl.  She sent me a picture of an exquisite baby room that the mother-to-be really loved to use as an inspiration.  She also suggested using a damask design.

So off to work I went, putting together some proofs.  I was to use the colors from the inspiration picture as well as a damask pattern, but not in the typical manner.  To me, traditional damask evokes the coziness perfect for winter and fall.  Perhaps it's because in undergrad I saw it primarily used as a design on flocked wallpaper in 18th century homes where it was always in a dark, saturated shade and had a heavy, warm feel.  The challenge was to use the damask pattern, but make it feel different. I devised a way to use the unique repetitiveness of damask, yet strip away the thickness that usually weighs the design down.  The result was light and airy, just like spring, but still sophisticated and appropriate enough for a baby shower.

Congrats to Christina and Happy Spring to all from One Pound Design!

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