A Vision in Green and Orange

Sometimes the best things happen quicker than ever expected.  Such was the case with Rachel and Adam -- a couple with a truly beautiful story and wonderful sense of style.  Originally planning a June 2011 wedding, they unexpectedly had to move their date up 3 months to an April weekend, which is a huge jump in the wedding planning world.  They came to one pound design needing a custom invitation suite that reflected their quirky, yet still traditional style with one condition -- it had to be rushed in order to accommodate the wedding date move.   Rachel and Adam liked a layout that had been done for a previous suite, but they requested the graphics, colors and fonts to be their own.  So I set to work, expanding on a vintage art nouveau lily vignette to reflect the flowers and colors that the couple is using: vibrant meadow green combined with tigerlily orange. Please click on each image to see it enlarged.
The invitation is mounted on once piece of metallic orange cardstock, which was then mounted on a metallic green pocket
I also took the vintage graphic and used it as a basis for a joint nouveau monogram, to be used throughout their invite suite and other aspects of their wedding.

the nouveau monogram was also incorporated into their thank yous for use after the wedding.  
Best wishes to Rach and Adam on their big day!