Collaboration is a Beautiful Thing - The Creation of a Save The Date

Nothing brings more joy to my heart than helping a friend in need - especially when it comes to the world of design.  One of my best friends, Stephanie, from high school is currently in the midst of planning her wedding, all while in the middle of completing her periodontal residency. It's a crazy time for her, and sometimes everything associated with a wedding can feel slightly overwhelming when coupled with everyday insanity.  So when she vocalized the frustration she was feeling when trying to create her save the date, I offered my design services in an effort to help.

Stephanie requested a large magnet, that had rounded edges and would highlight a joint monogram design she had created.  Did I mention that not only is she brilliant, but she has a very keen eye for design!  Also, her love for peacocks and their colors were requested to be used in the overall design, but in a subtle manner.  After many proofs and revisions, as well as a venture into magnet vendors, the final design was solidified and the magnets created.
The design used a art deco peacock feather pattern, in a dark ivory color, overlaying a white background.  The result is that the background looks ivory (a request by the bride) at first glance, but a closer look reveals the peacock pattern.  Due to the intricate background and the large monogram , the text was kept very simple, putting on display the monogram and the purpose of the magnet - to notify guests to "save the date."

The other wonderful part of this save the date suite is that, in an effort to be economical, the bride and I decided to utilize an embosser that would serve as making the return address for the save the dates, the invitations as well as the thank yous and other social correspondence for after the wedding.  Elegant, creative and incredibly useful!  Their monogram design was also integrated, so that the embosser could be appropriately used while the couple is engaged as well as after their wedding.

The envelope design is just as important as what's inside, so while the USPS does have regular 44cent stamps, the bride emphasized how she wanted to find stamps that matched her suite without having to design anything custom.  I found an amazing limited edition stamp set depicting Hawaii's Rainforest and ordered them, since I would also be coordinating the addressing and sending of the save the dates.  The result was stamps that were a bit larger than intended, but added a unique touch to the envelope while still complementing the design.
The final result.  The complete address has been altered for privacy.
Now that the save the dates have been sent and received by the guests, the beginning steps of creating Stephanie's wedding invitations has begun.  Be sure to check back and see what a collaboration between Stephanie and one pound design creates for her wedding invitation suite.


Love is in the Air

It's February, the month of groundhogs,  presidents, blizzards (if you live in the Midwest & New England - stay strong brothers and sisters!) and of course, the holiday of love - Valentine's Day.  Rather then advertise a sampling of Valentine's Day cards, I figured I'd highlight one of one pound design's most recent projects that celebrates something very romantic indeed:  invitations for an Engagement Party

The hosts of the party (bridesmaids of the happy bride-to-be) requested the invitation be very elegant and romantic, especially since the party was to be held around Valentine's Day itself.  Pink was also asked to be incorporated into the design.

Interestingly enough, the happy couple that this party is honoring had actually contacted me a few weeks earlier to design their own wedding invitation suite!  I was thrilled to be involved with not just their big day, but in the events leading up to their wedding.  It also helped that I already had an idea of the couple's style.

The invites have been sent and received and the party is just around the corner!

Be sure to check back to see the complete wedding suite for the Martha & Tim's big day, and Happy Valentines day to you and yours from one pound design!