a tale of two etsy companies (part two)

This post is the second in a two part series about how one pound design created brands for two etsy companies specializing in unique accessories.

Chapeaux de Grisette was established by two friends, Leslie Courreges and Judith McGee, as a way to recreate the hats that were an essential style accessory in the early part of the 20th century.  Judith and Leslie noticed that while there was no shortage of stock hats being sold after a designer had added their own details, there was a shortage of small boutiques that sold hats they had created from their initial design to sale.  So using the extensive knowledge of early to mid century fashion, they created Chapeaux de Grisette.

The ladies approached one pound design requesting to have a custom logo designed for their etsy store as well as for their business cards.  The only requirements were that the primary colors be lavender and black and the logo somehow have an art nouveau feel (since that is the design school that falls in the middle of their decades of expertise).  So one pound design got to work pulling out the ol' design theory and history books in search of inspiration.  However, as most designers have learned to find, the solution to their design problems usually come from the most unexpected of places  

On a design research break, inspiration was discovered on a website that sells estate jewelery (since one pound design's owner does have a penchant for perusing the internet for pretty pieces of antique jewelry) .  It was then that this art nouveau hair comb was discovered:

The shape that the comb created was almost exactly the form that had been envisioned to be used for the logo.  It was also appropriate since although it was not technically a hat, it still was reminiscent of the hair ornamentation the fell into the same category as hats .  So using the comb shape as well as the guidelines set forth by Leslie & Judith, their logo came into shape.  
the simple outline of the haircomb

Then the colors requested by the clients were applied and the basic form of the logo had been created 
Next was finding a font and layout that would reflect the nouveau feel of the graphic as well as flatter the French name of the company.  A font was found that has the same focus on circular forms as the hair fan.  This was used in its capital form in order to place emphasis on the most important words (title, and owner's names) so at first glance, a client would know what this company did without taking more than a second's glance.  Secondary information was written in another font, still a serif with similar a similar curvilinear design as the primary font, yet could be used in both lowercase and capital letters.  
logo to be used for labels and other business needs 
the business card to be used by both owners.  
The result was a simple, yet still graphically interesting design.  The client will have an idea of what this company's product is, but will be left wanting to know more, which is where the contact info comes into play.

Please be sure to check out Chapeaux de Grisette's  gorgeous handmade & custom vintage-inspired hats when they launch their etsy boutique mid-September, 2010.