a tale of two (etsy) companies - part one

While one pound design does specialize in custom paper goods design, our passion doesn't stop at paper! Design is design – and the investigation of that in different mediums is extremely exciting. What is even more exciting is when this design exploration benefits good friends who are also fellow entrepreneurs.

Lately, a couple of friends have decided to use their amazing skills and talents to create their own unique businesses. They then contacted one pound design and asked for help creating the “image” they would use when their businesses are launched. Brainstorming, the question was: what are the basic needs of a company to help express an exciting concept or product to a customer? One pound design then came up with a business graphics package: the creation of a logo, a banner for their etsy store (or website) and business card design. This post is the first in a two part series about how one pound design took the ideas and the feel each company wanted to convey and then created a cohesive, unique image for each.

Park & Belmont is a jewelry design studio created by Marisa Day. Marisa grew up in Albermarle county, Virginia and has always been inspired by her surroundings. Being creative and unique have been defining characteristics of Marisa's life, with her designing earrings using natural materials. For her wedding, she hand made the jewelry to that her bridesmaids wore in the ceremony. With the encouragement of many friends and her family, Marisa decided to make her gorgeous creations available to the masses and started Park & Belmont Her designs are the definition of Eco-chic.

Marisa came to one pound design seeking a logo that would reflect her love for her state of Virginia and its natural beauty without being too literal. She also wanted something casual and versatile that would reflect her personality. And so the design process began.

Virginia's state flower is the wonderful dogwood. No spring in the Commonwealth is without a plethora of these delicate and lovely blooms: Its a sight loved by so many Virginians, and once you leave the state it is a one you long to see again. It was evident to one pound design that this symbol of Virginia (and one that is so near and dear to Ms. Day) needed to be incorporated into the logo.

(photo court. of flowerpictures.net)

Another symbol of Virginia and its unique history is the Pineapple. To Colonial Virginians, it wasn't just a rare fruit -- It was also a symbol of welcome and when served to guests, the highest form of hospitality. By using this exotic fruit in Park & Belmont's logo, it would continue to represent the history of the designer's home state, as well as the manner in which she creates her jewelry and conducts her business - always with the customer in mind.

Pineapple Broken Pediment, Shirley Plantation, Virginia

Then, after the symbols were created, they were combined in a way that resulted in a damask pattern, with the dogwood becoming the primary symbol of Park & Belmont.

The final fonts used resulted in a whimsical, yet still professional looking logo that tied the entire feel of the logo together

Park & Belmot's finished logo.

If you are interested in personalizing your company or even just your blog/website header, please do not hesitate to contact one pound design. We will collaborate to create come up with something unique and stylish together that truly gives your company a "voice"

Next in this two part series: how one pound design tackled the challenge of encompassing the spirit of handmade, vintage-inspired haberdashery

Please visit Park & Belmont for all of Marisa Day's gorgeous creations

one pound design founder Leslie Brians with Park & Belmont designer Marisa Day at Marisa's wedding


  1. one pound design is fabulous! Leslie has an eye for detail and I am so lucky to have collaborated with such a talented designer (and an amazing friend!!!!!!

  2. What a fabulous and unique combination of the pineapple and dogwood! And I appreciate the way One Poiund Design brought depth and meaning into a simple, compact design appropriate for a professional image.