and in the beginning...

Once upon a time, there was a bride who knew EXACTLY what she wanted for her wedding. After looking through catalogue after catalogue of wedding invitations that looked all the same as well as oddly resembling what her mother had at her wedding back in 1977, the bride decided she had to take it upon herself to do something. She wanted to be sure that the entire ambiance of her wedding was relayed to her guests as soon as they held their invitation envelope in their hands. She also knew she didn't believe in the whole unwritten rule that "you should allot 10% of your wedding budget to invitations."

"Psh!" the bride declared in defiance. "That is ridiculous! I will show you, wedding industry people, that you can have gorgeous wedding invitations and spend wayyy under your 10%!"

With the help of her fairy godmothers (aka. local stationery shop owning friends), the bride set out creating exactly what she wanted, with the colors, graphics and paper goods to match. She designed all of the graphics and her fairy godmothers helped print everything out. They also relayed much of their printing knowledge to her for her future reference. The result was perfect!

the invitation front and its flip-side: a pocket holding all inserts

all inserts

Then finally, the invitations were printed, the calligraphy complete, the envelopes addressed and stamped, -- all done significantly under budget! After much hard work (and a lot of fun), off they went to the guests.

ready to go!

And their compliments surprised the bride. Guests mentioned how they loved the custom and unique nature of the invitations. Many also asked where she had them designed. It was then that the bride decided to use her creativity and design knowledge to create unique stationery.

And thus one pound design was born.

Here we know what its like to want a completely custom and unique invitation suite for any event as well as custom social stationery without breaking your budget. We love to work with our clients to create and think up the perfect solution to their paper goods needs. Come join us on this blog as we explore the designs that inspire us, the challenges we have meeting design needs and how fun it is to create something that just brightens someone's day!

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