Putting the "Quirk" in Quirky Thank Yous

While the blog may have quiet of late, it's just because things have been incredibly busy this holiday season fulfilling Christmas Card and Christmas gift orders.  There will be features to come on some of the favorite designs done this season for the amazing clients of one pound design.

In the meantime, check out the newest line of one pound design's unique, stock stationery, which comes just as everyone is gearing up to write thank yous for holiday gifts, goodies and hospitality.  What better to say "thanks for thinking of me during the holidays!" than using our fabulously quirky thank you fold over note cards, which are sure to put a smile on your face.

Click on each design to see a close up image.
FC- Ewe01
to order, 
please email leslie@onepounddesign.com with the 
subject line: FC- Ewe01
FC- Bunch01
to order, 
please email leslie@onepounddesign.com with the 
subject line: FC- Bunch01

FC- Note01
to order, 
please email leslie@onepounddesign.com with the 
subject line: FC- Note01
FC- Thanks01
to order, 
please email leslie@onepounddesign.com with the 
subject line: FC- Thanks01
And perhaps my favorite:
FC- Rock01

to order, 
please email leslie@onepounddesign.com with the 
subject line: FC- Rock01
Cards come in quantities of 25 pieces for $56 or 50 for $75
For each order, please specify in the body of your email the requested number of note cards you would like to purchase.

* Also available is a pack of 10 cards - two of each design shown below - for $35.00 per pack

Back flap addressing for envelopes is also available for an additional $10 per 25 envelopes.

So Happy 2011 and Happy Thank You writing from one pound design!

~ Leslie


It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Well, it will be before you know it.  Even though we know you're just now beginning to put away all of the fake spiderwebs and jack o' laterns in preparation to decorate for Thanksgiving, one thing is for sure - it is definitely the season to think about coordinating and ordering your Holiday cards for this December! If this seems to stress you out already, then  let one pound design help create and coordinate your holiday greeting cards.

This year we are offering both photo and non-photo message cards-- take a peek below at out numerous festive and creative holiday card designs.  If nothing below tickles your fancy, contact one pound design to create a completely custom Holiday card creation!

Click on each design to see a close up image.

5x7 glossy or matte full color insert - 
25 for $50
50 for $75
please email onepounddesign@gmail.com 
subject line: Christmas_Card_MCPhoto01
include your specified image (must be portrait-oriented photo) and details to order in your message body

5x7 glossy or matte full color insert - 
25 for $50
50 for $75
please email onepounddesign@gmail.com 
subject line: Christmas_Card_MCPhoto02
include your specified image (must be landscape-oriented photo) and details to order in your message body

5x7 glossy or matte full color insert - 
25 for $50
50 for $75
please email onepounddesign@gmail.com 
subject line: Christmas_Card_MCPhoto01
include your specified image (must be landscape-oriented photo) and details to order in your message body

5x7 glossy or matte full color insert - 
25 for $50
50 for $75
please email onepounddesign@gmail.com 
subject line: Christmas_Card_MCPhoto04
include your specified image and details to order in your message body
5x7 glossy or matte full color insert - 
25 for $50
50 for $75
please email onepounddesign@gmail.com 
subject line: Christmas_Card_MCPhoto05
include your specified image (must be landscape-oriented photo) and details to order in your message body


4x6 matte full color insert - 
25 for $50
50 for $75
please email onepounddesign@gmail.com 
subject line: Christmas_Card_MC01
include your specified details to order in your message body

5x7 matte full color insert - 
25 for $50
50 for $75
please email onepounddesign@gmail.com 
subject line: Christmas_Card_MC02
include your specified details to order in your message body

5x7 matte full color insert - 
25 for $50
50 for $75
please email onepounddesign@gmail.com 
subject line: Christmas_Card_MC03
include your specified details to order in your message body


Custom Wedding Invitation Design - Anneleice + Michael

Anneleice and Michael came to one pound design requesting an invitation suite that reflected the traditional and romantic feel of their November New Orleans wedding.  The presence of their flower, the long stem rose, was to be a prominent graphic, as well as the use of their color palatte (dust rose, chocolate and burnt orange) and a script font to evoke their desired traditional feel.  The result was an art nouveau- inspired rose vine theme that climbed up the side of their invitation and across the t inserts.  Please click on each image to see it enlarged.
the entire suite - invitation with two inserts

The entire suite unpacked

One pound design not only created the custom design, but also handled the compilation and coordination of the entire invitation suite - assembling, stuffing and labeling so that Anneleice and Michael simply had to drop their invitations in the mail once picking them up.
Packed and ready to be stuffed in their envelopes!

front of envelope w/ address wrap

back of the envelope and address wrap w/ return address


A Bride's Guide to Addressing

One pound design provides every bride who uses us to design and coordinate their invitation suite with the essential service of helping answer any and all wedding etiquette questions. With each wedding invitation suite that one pound design creates comes a good amount of questions from the bride pertaining to addressing.  The "what if"s and "how about"s pertaining to formal addressing can be enough to drive any bride crazy.    So using the always timeless and wise etiquette expert Emily Post as a guide, today's post is about all of the odds and ends of addressing situations that create questions for most brides.  This partial guide should help alleviate any addressing question that a bride may have.

First of all - the outer envelope is for mailing purposes only and no abbreviations should be used in the address. Also, words such as "Street" and "Avenue" should be spelled out in entirety, as should "Post Office Box."
The address above is incorrectly written because
 it includes abbreviations - PO Box should be
written out in entirety, as well as the state name

The address above is correctly written because all words
are written out completely with no abbreviations
Married Couples: For married couples, the invitation should be addressed to both members of the couple, even though the bride & groom may only know one or know only one can attend.  The husband's first name is always included in the outer envelope's address and it should not be detached from his last name.   Also the husband's formal first name should be used, not a nickname or abbreviation.
The address line above is incorrect because
the husband's first name has been omitted.   
The address line above is incorrect because a
nickname has been used for the husband's name.
Only full, formal names should be used on the outer envelope.
This address line is correct because the husband's
formal first name is included & not abbreviated.

Unmarried couple living together: When a couple that is not married lives together at the same address, the invitation should be addresses to both members, with each member appearing on separate lines and the woman's name listed before the man's.  The formal names, not nicknames, of each member should be used.

This address is incorrect because the man's name is listed before the woman's.
Additionally, the man's informal name has been used.
This is the correct address since the woman's name
is listed first and no informal names are used.
Married couple where the woman has kept her maiden name: The protocol for "Unmarried couple living together" should be followed, yet an "and" should be placed between the two names.
Both members of the couple are listed with simply
an "and" placed between the two names.  The woman's
 name appears on the first line, the man's on the second.

A couple dating / engaged, not living at the same address:  Your guests will appreciate it if you take the extra effort to contact them to get the names of their dates and send them both separate invitations, with their single name listed on the outer envelope and both names listed on the inner envelope.  You can also send one invitation to the address of the member of the couple you know best, with only their name listed and then include the date's name on the inner envelope.  
Option one:
Option two:

Including (or excluding) children: All children over the age of eighteen should receive their own separate invitation.  If children are not receiving a separate invitation, their names should only be written on the inner envelope below their parent's names -- Outer envelopes should only be addressed to the adult members of the household.   On the inner envelope try to be as specific as possible and list all names invited and avoid addressing simply "Maria, John & Family" unless:
  1.  it is clear that you are only inviting the people who live at the address, not the aunt or uncle next door.
  2.  when the children are very young
  3.  When every person living under the same roof is intended to be included in the invitation.
If a bride wishes to have an "adult-only" wedding - then she simply omits the children's names from the inner envelope. The inner envelope should be used to specify, by inclusion or exclusion, who exactly is invited to the wedding.
The outer envelope should be addressed
 to only the adult members of the household.
 No children's names should be listed on the outer envelope.
The inner envelope does not use formal first names
for the adults in the household. Children are listed
below their parents in order of age.
Alternatively, for a more casual wedding, the following is also appropriate
more informal names may be used for inner
envelopes, such as "Aunt Jackie & Uncle Jon."
The woman's name always precedes the man's name
Formal Titles: if one or both of the members of a household have a formal title, it is to be included on the outer envelope:
Doctors (Medical only.  If a member of a couple has a PhD., not a MD or DMD, then their titles are simply Mr. or Mrs.)
  • If man is a doctor: 
  • If woman is a doctor:
Military Titles: 
If you know a guest is a member of the Armed Forces, it is imperative that you include their rank on the invitation - it is their legal title and using Mr. or Mrs. is inappropriate.  Refer to Crane & Co's extremely handy guide to addressing your invitations to guest with a military ranks & titles here.  The guest's rank should not be abbreviated.

Elected Officials: 
"The Honorable" is used as the title for all elected officials which includes, but is not limited to:
  • judge
  • governor
  • mayor
  • US Senator
  • member of Congress
  • cabinet member
  • ambassador
  • President
If you are unsure about a guest's title, it is always better to ask your guest for their proper title.  And if you ever have any questions about wedding invitation protocol in general, your one pound design invitation coordinator is here to not just create invitations you love, but also help navigate the often confusing and frustrating wedding etiquette waters!


Guess we need to start giving these all away!

Today we received our brand new business cards, designed by  yours truly at one pound design and printed by the awesome folks over at moo.com.  We chose the completely unique mini-moo card size, just to be a little different, but they can still fit into the average b-card holder.

100 cards allows us to have 50 with one color logo printed on the back, 50 with another color logo

All 100 have the same contact information printed on the reverse side.

Now project "give all 100 away" commences!


a tale of two etsy companies (part two)

This post is the second in a two part series about how one pound design created brands for two etsy companies specializing in unique accessories.

Chapeaux de Grisette was established by two friends, Leslie Courreges and Judith McGee, as a way to recreate the hats that were an essential style accessory in the early part of the 20th century.  Judith and Leslie noticed that while there was no shortage of stock hats being sold after a designer had added their own details, there was a shortage of small boutiques that sold hats they had created from their initial design to sale.  So using the extensive knowledge of early to mid century fashion, they created Chapeaux de Grisette.

The ladies approached one pound design requesting to have a custom logo designed for their etsy store as well as for their business cards.  The only requirements were that the primary colors be lavender and black and the logo somehow have an art nouveau feel (since that is the design school that falls in the middle of their decades of expertise).  So one pound design got to work pulling out the ol' design theory and history books in search of inspiration.  However, as most designers have learned to find, the solution to their design problems usually come from the most unexpected of places  

On a design research break, inspiration was discovered on a website that sells estate jewelery (since one pound design's owner does have a penchant for perusing the internet for pretty pieces of antique jewelry) .  It was then that this art nouveau hair comb was discovered:

The shape that the comb created was almost exactly the form that had been envisioned to be used for the logo.  It was also appropriate since although it was not technically a hat, it still was reminiscent of the hair ornamentation the fell into the same category as hats .  So using the comb shape as well as the guidelines set forth by Leslie & Judith, their logo came into shape.  
the simple outline of the haircomb

Then the colors requested by the clients were applied and the basic form of the logo had been created 
Next was finding a font and layout that would reflect the nouveau feel of the graphic as well as flatter the French name of the company.  A font was found that has the same focus on circular forms as the hair fan.  This was used in its capital form in order to place emphasis on the most important words (title, and owner's names) so at first glance, a client would know what this company did without taking more than a second's glance.  Secondary information was written in another font, still a serif with similar a similar curvilinear design as the primary font, yet could be used in both lowercase and capital letters.  
logo to be used for labels and other business needs 
the business card to be used by both owners.  
The result was a simple, yet still graphically interesting design.  The client will have an idea of what this company's product is, but will be left wanting to know more, which is where the contact info comes into play.

Please be sure to check out Chapeaux de Grisette's  gorgeous handmade & custom vintage-inspired hats when they launch their etsy boutique mid-September, 2010.   


a tale of two (etsy) companies - part one

While one pound design does specialize in custom paper goods design, our passion doesn't stop at paper! Design is design – and the investigation of that in different mediums is extremely exciting. What is even more exciting is when this design exploration benefits good friends who are also fellow entrepreneurs.

Lately, a couple of friends have decided to use their amazing skills and talents to create their own unique businesses. They then contacted one pound design and asked for help creating the “image” they would use when their businesses are launched. Brainstorming, the question was: what are the basic needs of a company to help express an exciting concept or product to a customer? One pound design then came up with a business graphics package: the creation of a logo, a banner for their etsy store (or website) and business card design. This post is the first in a two part series about how one pound design took the ideas and the feel each company wanted to convey and then created a cohesive, unique image for each.

Park & Belmont is a jewelry design studio created by Marisa Day. Marisa grew up in Albermarle county, Virginia and has always been inspired by her surroundings. Being creative and unique have been defining characteristics of Marisa's life, with her designing earrings using natural materials. For her wedding, she hand made the jewelry to that her bridesmaids wore in the ceremony. With the encouragement of many friends and her family, Marisa decided to make her gorgeous creations available to the masses and started Park & Belmont Her designs are the definition of Eco-chic.

Marisa came to one pound design seeking a logo that would reflect her love for her state of Virginia and its natural beauty without being too literal. She also wanted something casual and versatile that would reflect her personality. And so the design process began.

Virginia's state flower is the wonderful dogwood. No spring in the Commonwealth is without a plethora of these delicate and lovely blooms: Its a sight loved by so many Virginians, and once you leave the state it is a one you long to see again. It was evident to one pound design that this symbol of Virginia (and one that is so near and dear to Ms. Day) needed to be incorporated into the logo.

(photo court. of flowerpictures.net)

Another symbol of Virginia and its unique history is the Pineapple. To Colonial Virginians, it wasn't just a rare fruit -- It was also a symbol of welcome and when served to guests, the highest form of hospitality. By using this exotic fruit in Park & Belmont's logo, it would continue to represent the history of the designer's home state, as well as the manner in which she creates her jewelry and conducts her business - always with the customer in mind.

Pineapple Broken Pediment, Shirley Plantation, Virginia

Then, after the symbols were created, they were combined in a way that resulted in a damask pattern, with the dogwood becoming the primary symbol of Park & Belmont.

The final fonts used resulted in a whimsical, yet still professional looking logo that tied the entire feel of the logo together

Park & Belmot's finished logo.

If you are interested in personalizing your company or even just your blog/website header, please do not hesitate to contact one pound design. We will collaborate to create come up with something unique and stylish together that truly gives your company a "voice"

Next in this two part series: how one pound design tackled the challenge of encompassing the spirit of handmade, vintage-inspired haberdashery

Please visit Park & Belmont for all of Marisa Day's gorgeous creations

one pound design founder Leslie Brians with Park & Belmont designer Marisa Day at Marisa's wedding