2012 Desk Calendar

new for 2012:

add a little color to 2012 with this simple and sleek little calendar. each month is featured on an individual  card and contained in a clear case compact enough to fit on your desk.

each card can also be removed from its case and displayed individually, perfect for home, office or school.

each calendar is $15 USD.

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A Wedding Invite for a Friend

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of designing a custom save the date suite for one of my best friends Stephanie Chambers and her fiance Dave Voth.  No sooner were the save the dates out the door and in the mail, then it was back to work collaborating on the invitations.  The same monogram, typeface and feather motif that were used in the save the dates were expanded on in order to create a multi-layered invitation suite.(Please click on each image below to see a close-up)

the map on the reverse of the directions card
The embosser that was ordered for the save the dates return addresses was used for these invites -- additionally the return address plate was swapped out for a monogram plate, which then embossed the enclosure stickers.
the embossed sticker sealing the invitation
the back of the envelope
closeup of the embossing on the back of the envelope
So as the last minute wedding details come together for Steph and Dave, many thanks to them for asking one pound design to help in the creation of all of their wedding paper goods - what an absolute honor!



A Tickled (Feather) Pink and Linen Wedding Invitation Suite

Back in February one pound design created a invites for a party celebrating the engagement of Martha and Tim, which was highlighted in this post.  Well days turned into weeks and before we knew it, the time to design, coordinate and assemble the happy couple's wedding invites arrived.  In December Martha and I met up  in Virginia and did a design pow-wow to create a design that would reflect exactly what she envisioned:  Traditional mixed with modern and romantic, using soft pinks, black and white.  Even before meeting with Martha face to face, I knew she was very intrigued by textures -- a flat, matte paper was not for her.  So crisp white linen paper was chosen to be used.  Martha didn't know if she wanted to feature a graphic, she just knew she wanted her and her fiancĂ©'s monogram to be featured.  The solution: use the monogram AS the graphic for their wedding paper. The result was just that: simple, elegant and reflecting the couple's aesthetic.  (Please click on each image below to see a close-up)
the  open pocket containing the Mundy - Ryan wedding suite.  All white paper is linen textured
a close up of the invitation
the rsvp card
directions map card

accomodations card
reception card

the entire invitation suite wrapped with a monogrammed band that coordinates with the suite.
The pocket was then stuffed into a matching feather pink envelope.  Martha and two of her fabulous bridesmaids hand-addressed the outer envelopes and inner pockets, giving it a very personal feel.

Best wishes to Martha and Tim on their upcoming big day and many thanks for letting one pound design being such a big part of it!



Oh Pretty Baby (shower) Invites

After a long (and cold for so many) winter, the trees are starting to show their green, flowers are finally blooming and the temperatures are moving back up!  It can only mean one thing:  Spring has finally arrived!  It's a season that is synonymous with new beginnings and new life, and what better way to celebrate the joyous appearance of this refreshing season than with an adorable baby shower invitation suite.

A high school friend approached me to create a set of invitations for a shower that she and five others were hosting for a friend who was expecting.  Her request was for something sophisticated and classic, but very feminine and appropriate for a little girl.  She sent me a picture of an exquisite baby room that the mother-to-be really loved to use as an inspiration.  She also suggested using a damask design.

So off to work I went, putting together some proofs.  I was to use the colors from the inspiration picture as well as a damask pattern, but not in the typical manner.  To me, traditional damask evokes the coziness perfect for winter and fall.  Perhaps it's because in undergrad I saw it primarily used as a design on flocked wallpaper in 18th century homes where it was always in a dark, saturated shade and had a heavy, warm feel.  The challenge was to use the damask pattern, but make it feel different. I devised a way to use the unique repetitiveness of damask, yet strip away the thickness that usually weighs the design down.  The result was light and airy, just like spring, but still sophisticated and appropriate enough for a baby shower.

Congrats to Christina and Happy Spring to all from One Pound Design!


A Vision in Green and Orange

Sometimes the best things happen quicker than ever expected.  Such was the case with Rachel and Adam -- a couple with a truly beautiful story and wonderful sense of style.  Originally planning a June 2011 wedding, they unexpectedly had to move their date up 3 months to an April weekend, which is a huge jump in the wedding planning world.  They came to one pound design needing a custom invitation suite that reflected their quirky, yet still traditional style with one condition -- it had to be rushed in order to accommodate the wedding date move.   Rachel and Adam liked a layout that had been done for a previous suite, but they requested the graphics, colors and fonts to be their own.  So I set to work, expanding on a vintage art nouveau lily vignette to reflect the flowers and colors that the couple is using: vibrant meadow green combined with tigerlily orange. Please click on each image to see it enlarged.
The invitation is mounted on once piece of metallic orange cardstock, which was then mounted on a metallic green pocket
I also took the vintage graphic and used it as a basis for a joint nouveau monogram, to be used throughout their invite suite and other aspects of their wedding.

the nouveau monogram was also incorporated into their thank yous for use after the wedding.  
Best wishes to Rach and Adam on their big day!



Collaboration is a Beautiful Thing - The Creation of a Save The Date

Nothing brings more joy to my heart than helping a friend in need - especially when it comes to the world of design.  One of my best friends, Stephanie, from high school is currently in the midst of planning her wedding, all while in the middle of completing her periodontal residency. It's a crazy time for her, and sometimes everything associated with a wedding can feel slightly overwhelming when coupled with everyday insanity.  So when she vocalized the frustration she was feeling when trying to create her save the date, I offered my design services in an effort to help.

Stephanie requested a large magnet, that had rounded edges and would highlight a joint monogram design she had created.  Did I mention that not only is she brilliant, but she has a very keen eye for design!  Also, her love for peacocks and their colors were requested to be used in the overall design, but in a subtle manner.  After many proofs and revisions, as well as a venture into magnet vendors, the final design was solidified and the magnets created.
The design used a art deco peacock feather pattern, in a dark ivory color, overlaying a white background.  The result is that the background looks ivory (a request by the bride) at first glance, but a closer look reveals the peacock pattern.  Due to the intricate background and the large monogram , the text was kept very simple, putting on display the monogram and the purpose of the magnet - to notify guests to "save the date."

The other wonderful part of this save the date suite is that, in an effort to be economical, the bride and I decided to utilize an embosser that would serve as making the return address for the save the dates, the invitations as well as the thank yous and other social correspondence for after the wedding.  Elegant, creative and incredibly useful!  Their monogram design was also integrated, so that the embosser could be appropriately used while the couple is engaged as well as after their wedding.

The envelope design is just as important as what's inside, so while the USPS does have regular 44cent stamps, the bride emphasized how she wanted to find stamps that matched her suite without having to design anything custom.  I found an amazing limited edition stamp set depicting Hawaii's Rainforest and ordered them, since I would also be coordinating the addressing and sending of the save the dates.  The result was stamps that were a bit larger than intended, but added a unique touch to the envelope while still complementing the design.
The final result.  The complete address has been altered for privacy.
Now that the save the dates have been sent and received by the guests, the beginning steps of creating Stephanie's wedding invitations has begun.  Be sure to check back and see what a collaboration between Stephanie and one pound design creates for her wedding invitation suite.